Technical Info:
1. The latest 300B single-ended class A split amplifier machine (the price is the price of the left and right channel pair), dual mono architecture, left and right channel power supply, signal ground independent of each other, the degree of separation than one machine to improve significantly, the sound field is greatly enhanced.
2. Self-created single-ended Class A circuit, distortion is small, the sound is clearer, calm and not dull, rich in detail, strong sense of presence.
3 Multi-stage CLC filter circuit, so that the background is more quiet, the level of detail more outstanding.
4. Insist that the power supply is the soul of the sound quality, the use of high-voltage independent winding power supply, to ensure that the high voltage on the power, the sound is transparent and full, thrust, strong sense of surging.
5. The choice of the Netherlands Philips, Japan Chemical, Siemens and other imported high-voltage capacitors, stable power supply, filtering clean, very good quality. German red WIMA capacitors, good sound field density, excellent sense of detail, real vocals.
6. Japan large ALPS27 potentiometer, feel good and dustproof, very long life. U.S. CMC 24K gold-plated terminals, oxidation resistance, low internal resistance of contact, very classy. Germany WBT solder carefully welded production, good sound and solid!
Description The latest 300B class A tube power amplifier:
Output power 10Wx2,
Tube: PSVANE 300B*2, Soviet Union 6H8C*2, Soviet Union 5U4C*2.
Dual single-channel architecture,
Left and right channels are separated,
Signal grounding is independent,
The separation rate is significantly improved,
And the sound field is greatly enhanced
The size is 103*390*250 mm.
Net weight 10KG*2,
The packaged weight is 25KG
Price: BDT-1,15,000.00

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