Technical Info:
BRZHIFI T300 Dual Mono Power Amplifier 400Wx2 Assembled Refer To 300 Circuit For Goldmund-Telos

Product Description:
BRZHIFI T300 amplifier refers to the circuit structure and sound tuning characteristics for Goldmund-Telos 300. It has been improved and optimized according to our process structure design, and solves the self-excitation problem of the original machine. The power amplifier uses a custom-made imported iron core pure copper wire transformer, and uses 3 pairs of Japanese power field effect tubes. The circuit layout is optimized, the modular structure is adopted, the circuit board is plated with thick gold, and the heat dissipation structure of the chassis is optimized.

It uses an all-aluminum alloy precision CNC chassis, which adds a level meter power indicator. It has a complete protection circuit and soft start control circuit, customized 500W pure copper wire loop, filter capacitor 75V 82000UFX2, input field effect tube K170BL precision pairing, output K1058/J162 field effect power transistor X3. Gold-mounted axial decoupling capacitor for Siemens. Genuine components guarantee the quality of circuit hearing experience.

Technical Parameters:
– Frequency response: 10Hz-100kHz (+/-0.8dB)
– Total harmonic distortion: <0.008% (65WRMS, 8Ω)
– Signal to noise ratio: >105dB
– Output power: 400W per channel (4-ohm load); 200W per channel (8-ohm load)
– Maximum voltage: 55V (AC)
– Size (per piece): 240*180*408mm (WxHxDepth)
– Net weight (per piece): 15K


Price: 1,35,000.00

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PA-T300 (13)
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