Technical Info:

The resistance is the highest temperature Beijing 718 military standard copper pin resistance, the small tube is the American ON A42 A92, this tube is necessary for foreign Golwond famous machines.

The circuit architecture is the most stable double differential fully symmetrical architecture. The sound quality is very HIFI-shaped, delicate, full, natural, dynamic, and low-frequency diving is very good. The output tube is 4 pairs of original NJW0281 0302.

High-grade double-sided immersion gold PCB, 600W pure copper enameled wire transformer, reject aluminum wire. The whole has no breakpoint A-core iron core, made of oxygen-free copper enameled wire, with full power.
Japan’s ALPS27 high-precision fully sealed potentiometer has long life and good accuracy. The protection circuit is about 2 Omron relays, each of which provides 10A output current.
All aluminum alloy chassis, luxury material.
Machine working conditions and functional configuration:
1. Power supply voltage: 220V
2. Main voltage 63V, transformer power 600W
3. 4 filter capacitors 80V 10000uF*4
4. Gross Weight: 12.5KG
5. Power: 250WX2@8 ohms
6. THD: 0.005%
7. Frequency response: 20Hz-25000Hz
8. Dimension: 360*308*92mm

Price: BDT-35,000.00

Product images

PA-A4 (3)
PA-A4 (2)
PA-A4 (4)
PA-A4 (5)
PA-A4 (6)
PA-A4 (1)