Technical Info:

 First of all, this machine is not a copycat electromechanical road. It doesn’t matter if you call it 1969 or not, it gives you a really amazing sound experience.

   All aluminum alloy specially customized a class power amplifier box with coarse mineral straight line indicates that the machine has a strong foundation and explosive force, delicate work in line with the pure a class power amplifier circuit accurate sound field details.

   The image symmetry of the left and right sound channels keeps good separation, and the small signal amplification part is far away from the power supply and transformer. At this time, you should say that your power switch is leading 220V AC in the front, which will cause interference. Sorry, I used a soft start circuit, which is installed under the ring. The switch on the front panel only has 12V DC voltage, which will not cause interference.

   The power supply part of this machine uses a single 37V9A transformer sealed 333W by second-hand TALEMA (please go around if you mind second-hand, or buy it when I run out of second-hand cattle). This transformer has been sold on Taobao for 10 years, but has not been sold. It happened that I accepted all the circuit when it could be used. In fact, the quantity is not large, but it actually has very high quality. At present, the whole machine can ensure that in the dead of night when the end of the noise, and the cow’s relationship is relatively large, and another is the tone, the personal experience to go.

  Three ELNA63V10000UF filters per channel for electrolysis. Input field pipe 2SJ104(2SK364) (brand new), push pipe K213 (J76) (disassembly), output pipe 2SK1058(2SJ162) (brand new). Please pay attention to the model number of the pipes in parentheses. Please do not be surprised if the machine you receive is full of the model number in parentheses (P channel pipes), and it will not be used as a reason for return. Because these field tubes are more expensive, and they are sold in pairs, and the tubes with the same pole are easier to pair. Therefore, please do not choose when you buy, and determine which kind of tube you want. We can only deliver the goods randomly. If you must ask for n-channel pipe, please add 50 yuan!

  Two 2200UF ERO gold bullets are used in parallel for each channel of the output capacitor (the supply of this thing is also unstable, if the physical object received is different from our picture, we will replace it with the capacitor of the same grade, not as the reason for return).

Technical parameters:

Output power :24WX2 @ 8 Ohms, pure CLASS A, RMS,

Harmonic distortion :≤0.03%(1kHz,1W)

Signal-to-noise ratio :≥102dB (A weight, also extremely quiet at night)

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz (±0.5dB)

Input impedance :50k Ohms

Output impedance : 4 to 8 Ohms

Color: Black case + silver aluminum panel

Dimensions (L×W×H):360×316×150mm (excluding foot and handle)

Net weight: 13 KG (With Packing 15 KG)

Price: BDT-40,000.00

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