Model no#PAM-4174-LY

Technical Info:
1. This machine is a custom model, and the power transformer and main filter capacitor are used disassembled
2. The power transformer may differ from the picture, the actual product is authoritative, but the transformer is guaranteed to be dismantled from Japanese goods, and it cannot be used as a reason for return. The return freight is borne by the buyer.
3. Customization takes time, and the general delivery time is two to three days
4. this machine is with and without bluetooth, the picture is the version without bluetooth
About Sanyo Semiconductor (a member company of AUF Semiconductor)
Sanyo Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (a member company of ON Semiconductor) is a semiconductor manufacturing company with excellent power device technology, such as small packaging technology, high-efficiency switching technology, high-density packaging technology, etc., as well as the world of YI flow simulation technology. Several analog-related assets include a wide range of process technology, analog design technology, skilled analog engineers, and specially designed and manufactured excellent energy-saving and environmentally-friendly devices, such as hybrid integrated circuits for inverters. Sanyo Semiconductor’s core devices contain discrete circuits, general-purpose analog large-scale integrated circuits, ASSPs and hybrid integrated circuits, which are widely used in various products,
Sanyo STK is commonly known as Sanyo Thick Film. Under the control of the matched sound and high-precision semiconductor production process, it is not a level that ordinary amateur DIY players can achieve. In addition to the better sound range and resolution, the low frequency is much stronger, which is totally the difference between professional athletes and ordinary players! These thick film circuits have always been tailored to products specifically for major brand audio manufacturers. Many famous factories in the early days used them to manufacture power amplifiers, such as K + H, Sony SONY, Panasonic PANSONIC, Kenwood KENWOOD, JVC, Sansui, Sharp SHARP, Pioneer PIONEER, aiwa AIWA, etc. almost all Japanese audio It is selected by the manufacturer and has been used for more than 20 years. It has affected an entire generation, and it’s also the sound that we heard when we were young with a strong brand of times. Every time it sounds unforgettable. Sanyo company specializing in the production of power amplifier modules was later acquired by ON Semiconductors. After the acquisition, it integrated Sanyo’s traditional craftsmanship, coupled with ON’s unique design, and the later products are more brilliant, and are still used by large American companies., Such as BOSE, such as Genelec in Europe!
Fortunately, I came across the new stock SANYO STK4174MK2 chip in batches. This model is an upgraded version of the STK41X1 classic series. It’s a relatively early product. The design at that time was relatively conservative, the materials used were real and the tuning was rigorous. The developed output power is 40W + 40W @ 8 ohms, and the distortion degree is THD 0.4%. It’s not the extreme parameters that can represent good sound, just like many people still like the sound of the tube amplifier. The parameter performance is not necessarily high, but the sound is soft and delicate like an old wine, the more it tastes, the more it tastes, so this time I chose a more classic retro shape design, regardless of the sound and look, the original look. This machine uses the Japanese second-hand dismantled E cow, which has good performance in the middle and high frequency, and strives to reproduce the sound that once touches the soul. These second-hand dismantled cattle are exquisite in craftsmanship and the materials used are real. In the past few years, we’ve only collected over a hundred. This machine can achieve satisfactory results by pressing ordinary bookshelves or standing speakers.
Basic performance parameters:
Working method: Class AB
Quiescent current: 80mA
Distortion: 0.03%
Output power:40W+40W @ 8Ω,  0.4% Distortion
Frequency response: 20Hz – 50KHz
Dynamic range:> 100 dB
Machine size: 320*90*208MM
Net Weight: 5.6 KG
Package Weight: 7 KG

Price: BDT-25,000.00

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