Model No#PA-300A-ZK

Technical Info:
1. FM 300A is a classic Swiss FM ACOUSTICS amplifier more than thirty years ago, With FM’s most classic sound characteristics, all people know that FM amplifiers are expensive, but almost all of those who have used them are convinced by their sound performance, more musical details, richer sound levels, more pure musical flavor have become the ultimate goal of the pursuit of audiophile players.
2. This reproduction of the FM300A whole machine price is very cost-effective to ensure that the sound characteristics of the original machine and almost the same this machine tone more pure, more infectious music, and a clearer sense of line, with a pair of 17419 amplifier tubes, driving force and control is good. The F10B push and Dana C5 floor box are perfect.
3. Nichi-con Corporation is a leading manufacturer of capacitors, especially in the field of electrolytic capacitors worldwide. These products, developed for audio equipment, are of high quality, reliable, high performance, and ideal for use in audio equipment circuits. Nichi-con KG series electrolytic capacitors are divided into 3 grades, Type 11 is the senior product in Gold Tune; Nichi-con KG series is fuller than ELNA in low frequency, more natural in vocal and mid frequency, strong texture, good layering, high frequency, gorgeous and smooth, high resolution.
Input voltage: AC220V.
Output power: 150W*2 (4ohm),
80W*2 (8ohm).
THD: 0.01%
SNR: 103dB.
Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz (+/-3dB)
Impedance: 4-16 Ohms
citification: CE
Size: 440*310*90mm.
Net Weight: 10.32kg.
Weight after packing: 11.6kg

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