Technical Details:

1. This preamp line reference is worth ¥100,000 levels of one of the world’s top three preamps, the German MBL6010D. This circuit actually listen to the high resolution, sound transparent atmosphere, three frequency balance without tone, low frequency thick and powerful, is indeed a rare good sound preamp.

2. This machine maintains part of the choice of materials with the previous version of the machine, especially capacitors, more than the original machine ever, such as the original machine is with black ordinary Ni – kon GU capacitors, we use the main filter capacitors of Ni – kon’s blue BC, decoupling part to retain the original European version of ELNA capacitors, the main power transformer upgraded to 25W, power supply part after testing changed to the best sound Class A circuit. Added remote control selection and remote volume control. Panel switch with a soft button with lights, the operation is intuitive and simple.

3. Each unit circuit is further optimized, the PCB is gold-plated, 14 op amps, including four 5532 for input buffer, four 5534 for main amplification, and six 5534 for output buffer. Everything in order to do a good, functional perfection. This version of the actual test low noise, low distortion, AP test 0-100k frequency response flat. The actual listening resolution is high, the sound quality is transparent without tone stain, three frequency balance, low frequency thick and powerful.

4. 4 groups of RCA single-ended inputs, 1 group of XLR balanced inputs. XLR balanced inputs and outputs are wired according to European and Japanese standards, 1 ground, 2 negative and 3 positive.

5. 1 group of RCA single-ended output, 1 group of XLR balanced output Super high SNR ratio (116dB), low distortion.

6. UK 25W Talema transformer, Potentiometer standard with Japanese quadruple ALPS electric motor potentiometer. 


Price: BDT. 48,00.00

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