Technical Details:


*In order to meet the needs of household high-power HIFI, that is, to have very transparent sound quality, very strong low frequency, and very durable human voice, the general digital power amplifier can not meet the requirements, so the Qingfeng BA3 power amplifier was specially developed. Regardless of parameters and sound quality, it can meet high-end demands.

*The total output is up to 1000w, the left and right 200×2 subwoofer is 600w, and it is equipped with a 1000w toroidal transformer. The left and right channels are Sanyo STK412-440 modules. The human voice is several grades better than digital amplifiers. The subwoofer uses 3 pairs of high-power pairs of tubes, with a maximum output of 40A, and there is no pressure to drive a 10-15 inch subwoofer.

*Suitable for: TV, computer, CD player, player, decoder, mobile phone, tablet and other wired analog audio input and wireless BT audio input playback. Support computer USB port connection, decode and play more abundant lossless music resources on the Internet, WMA / MP3 / WAV / APE / FLAC

There are few high-power thick film blocks that are proud to be counted. The treble is transparent and without burrs, the mid-range is round and natural, the low frequency is elastic, the sound is smoothly and strong, and has a courageous taste, suitable for popular voices Symphony and other large dynamic scenes are played.

*ESS- independent audio decoding
ES9023 digital audio decoder chip. With a good lossless audio source input, decoding is the process of reproducing the memory on the spot. Professional HF must inevitably require high-fidelity decoding for the happiness experience of this ear.

*Efficient air cooling:
Provide reliable heat dissipation protection for 1000W power output. Imported oil-immersed ball bearings can work for a long time with low noise and low resistance, and can run continuously for a long time.

Model: PA-BA3
Amplifier Type: Class AB
Audio Input: RCA/BT 5.0/USB/SD Card
Audio Output: Banana Female Jack
Output Channel: 2:1 & 2.0
U disk playback: Maximum Support 128GB
Speaker Impedance: 4-8 Ohms
Maximum Power: 200W*2 +600W
SNR: 102dB
Frequency Response: 2Hz-20KHz
Bass Frequency: 25Hz-110Hz
Adjustment Range: High & Low +/- 10dB
Recommended match: 3-10 inch passive fixed impedance stereo speakers, 8-15 inch passive subwoofer
Net Weight: 12.1KG
Dimension: 360*92*408 mm
Price: BDT-45,000.00 


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