Technical Details:

*The A6 is designed for good music and uses the best sound single-ended output architecture in the Class A power amplifier as the line model.

*The working method of A6 class a power amplifier is linear, each output transistor amplifies the signal full wave, there is not switching distortion at all, even if negative feedback is not applied, its open loop distortion is still very low, so it is called ideal sound amplified circuit design.

*It can provide a very smooth sound quality, the tone is round and warm, the treble is transparent and open, and the power
amplifier has the advantages of full and transparent sound. The transistor power amplifier is a power amplifier composed of triodes with almost no distortion, and the sound quality is particularly good, especially small The whole sound is transparent and rich in details. The sense of hearing is very close to the electronic tube, the tone is fine and gentle, and the midrange and high pitches perform well.

*It is a class a masterpiece. The low frequency is flexible, the middle frequency is charming, and the high frequency is hard to hear.

*Class a 25W output, warm and natural tone

*Luxury aluminum alloy shell, exquisite craftsmanship panel. Double-sided immersion gold circuit board, 300W oxygen-free copper transformer, abundant power

*ON gold-sealed large tube output, this is the core of the real category a, which is more energy than a pair of black
plastic-sealed tubes, which is called category A shrinking machine.

*ALPS27 Japanese potentiometer, crystal copper column output, American CMC terminal input, British NOVER filter large capacitor.


Circuit structure: Class A Rated continuous output power, 25WX2 8 ohm 35WX2 4 ohm (fuller than digital power amplifier 100WX2)

Rated continuous output current: 8A

Instantaneous output current: 17A

Input sensitivity: 700mV

Input impedance: 47K

Output impedance:  less than 5 milliohms

Damping coefficient: greater than 3000 @ 8 ohms

Gain: 30.5dB

Corresponding frequency: -3dB @ 220kHz / rated power output

Total harmonic distortion + noise: 0.002% @ 8 ohms / 10W / 1kHz / 22kHz bandwidth RMS

Noise floor: 85uV @ RMS without signal input

Signal to noise ratio: 103dB @ rated power output RMS

Dimensions: 360*80*268MM

Weight: 9KG

Price: BDT-27,000.00 

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