Technical Details:
1. This is a decoder chip developed by BB Company. Need to match the power supply for 15VX2 + 2 groups of 9V AC, each group current 0.3A or more. PCM56 supports up to 16BIT 48K code rate signal.
2. PCM56, as an early product, does not lose its reputation as the popular TDA1541 chip. Today, when only parameters are making a final conclusion on the product, there are still many experienced enthusiasts. Through the comparison of the new and the old products, we find that we are pursuing the artistic conception of listening. That is, the sound expressiveness and flavor of a decoding circuit. The parameter is just a reference indicator! In addition to more sound details, higher signal-to-noise ratio and dynamics, DSD does not give people a better listening experience than the earlier low-index decoding circuits. This is why some of the old decoding circuits on the market have not disappeared but are getting more and more. The more people go after it.
3. We feel that after a long time of listening and comparing the current PCM56 double parallel circuit does sound better than the TDA1541, clear and moving is the evaluation of the network users. The actual feeling is more details, sound field positioning is more distinct, the human voice is also more rounded, delicate and durable. Not at all lose the current high-end mainstream circuit.
* PCM56 supports up to 16BIT 48K bit rate signal.
* This Model only has optical fiber and coaxial input ports.
* The size of the decoder board is 15X20CM.

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