Model no#LM1875BHX-ZJ

Technical Info:

*This product is specially designed for players who like the sound of electronic tubes. The sound is smoothly, the high frequency is sharp, the low frequency is soft, and the sound is very pleasing and comfortable. One channel is output by 4 pieces of LM1875, the quiescent current is 4 times higher than that of a single piece, and the current of the whole board is about 0.5A, and it is pure Class A at medium and small volume, which is better than 1969 Class A.

*The core circuit is the GC version, the full name is Gain card. It is a good sound LM1875 circuit optimized after repeated comparison and verification. The frequency bandwidth, delicate, durable, midpoint and stable, if you have not played LM1875 before Buy it and try it, if you have bought LM1875, you can even buy it as an upgrade.

*Using a good-sounding CG circuit architecture, the sound is very delicate and durable, with a stable midpoint. 4 parallel X2 Class A outputs.

*40000UF large-capacity filtering, excellent low-frequency dive.

*Adopting double-sided gold-plated military PCB, good electrical conductivity, not easy to oxidize.

*Add red pentoxide copper inductor to the output to eliminate interference and clutter, and the sound quality is purer and more natural.

*Japan Omron protection circuit, use more assured.

*Full advanced component configuration.

Product parameter:

*Output power: 45W-8 ohms 60W 4 ohms (5W for pure Class A)
* Impedance range: 1-8 ohms
*Frequency response: 10HZ-40KHz
*THD: ≤0.03%
*Dimensions: width280*height70*depth208MM
*Gross Weight: 7KG
Price: BDT-20,500.00

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